We provide colonic hydrotherapy treatments which offer multiple benefits for the recipient. From hydration through the colon to breaking down old and impacted faecal matter, colonic hydrotherapy is the ultimate way to remove harmful toxins from the body.

Making up 80% of your immune system, the colon can carry as much as 8lb worth of parasites and excess matter. This causes a sluggish and under working colon that can cause of a number of ailments including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lack of energy, constipation and bloating.

Our qualified health coaches can carry out a comprehensive lifestyle consultation, giving you an accurate picture of your current level of health over and above weight; by performing a body stat we can see hydration levels, your metabolic rate, and percentage of lean tissue versus fat. This will then enable us to advise you on how to best move towards a happier healthier you through detoxification, changes in diet and nutrition, exercise and supplement recommendations.

First time colonic treatment results vary dramatically. Many initial treatments are mainly about re-hydration and making a start on breaking down old and impacted waste through a combination of warm water and abdominal massage. After several colonics, the colon can be cleansed more effectively.

Benefits of colonic hydrotherapy treatment can include feeling lighter and brighter, a noticeable reduction in bloating, weight loss from removal of old and impacted waste from the colon, clearer skin, brighter eyes, and more energy.

Colonic hydrotherapy treatment from £50 with an enema from £65.

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