The Benefits

Colonic hydrotherapy will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and revitalised. The treatment dates back thousands of years and although technology has evolved, the method has remained the same and benefited millions of people by keeping the colon clean and fully functional.

Receiving a colonic treatment is a very quick and effective way to totally detoxify the colon from all the yeasts,
toxins and build up which occurs over time.

Colonic hydrotherapy offers many benefits including acting as a spring cleaning of the colon, and prevention of major health issues.

Instantly improving your bowel function
Clearer skin
More mental clarity
Fewer headaches
Improvement in circulation
Strengthening your immune system
Increasing absorption of essential vitamins and minerals through the bowel

We offer a number of enema treatments at aUK Health, each with their own individual qualities and benefits. It is recommended that you have a consultation and a colonic hydrotherapy treatment with one of our therapists before booking an enema treatment.

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